IVL_INT Interval of Integer

Datatype Release 1 Realm

Registered Attributes and Child Elements

@Attribute / Element Cardinality Datatype
@value   optional   int
  • A
  • E
  • H
  • I
  • P
  optional   cs
@nullFlavor   optional   cs
hl7:low  0 .. 1  IVXB_INT
hl7:center  0 .. 1  INT
hl7:width  0 .. 1  PQ
hl7:high  0 .. 1  IVXB_INT

Core Schematron Rules (CSR)

The following rules are defined in the base core schematrons (Alert.png errors, Warning.png warnings, Info.png infos).

Check-circle.svg Rule ID: IVL_INT

Extends Rule(s): SXCM_INT


  • Alert.png dtr1-2-IVL_INT: null violation. Cannot have @nullFlavor and @value or other child elements
  • Alert.png dtr1-3-IVL_INT: co-occurence violation. Cannot have @value and other child elements
  • Alert.png dtr1-4-2-IVL_INT: co-occurence violation. Cannot have @value and child elements
  • Alert.png dtr1-4-3-IVL_INT: co-occurence violation. Cannot have center and other elements
  • Alert.png dtr1-4-4-IVL_INT: co-occurence violation. Cannot have width and have both low and high elements
  • Alert.png dtr1-5-IVL_INT: no updateMode on IVL attributes
  • Alert.png dtr1-1-PQR: width element: no unit without value
  • Alert.png dtr1-2-PQR: width element: no translation
  • Alert.png dtr1-7-IVL_INT: low/@value must be lower than or equal to high/@value
  • Alert.png dtr1-7-1-IVL_INT: low must be lower than or equal to high. Found low boundary PINF (Positive Infinity)
  • Alert.png dtr1-7-2-IVL_INT: low must be lower than or equal to high. Found high boundary NINF (Negative Infinity)