This is documentation for ART-DECOR Release 2 and tends to be out-dated. Please visit our new documentation site at

We started to produce videos from "how-to-use" ART-DECOR, presentations, best practice talks, background stories.

Please find a list, we hope it is getting longer and longer. Also we are interested in any suggestions on what should be on-air.

Also visit our ART-DECOR video channel on Vimeo.

Videos of Presentations

  • Kai Heitmann: ART-DECOR en Acute OverdrachtPresentation, recorded by Maarten Ligtvoet, 2012-11-22, in Dutch only Link to video of the presentation by Kai Heitmann
  • Kai U. Heitmann, Gerrit Boers: Nieuwe HL7v3 tooling: ART-DECOR Presentation about HL7v3 tooling ART-DECOR, given at the National conference HL7 Nederland, 6 december 2012, in Dutch only. Link to video of the presentation by Kai Heitmann
  • Justin Fyfe: Demonstration of the Sherpas toolkit for representing DECOR based CDA templates in C#. Recorded at the HL7 WGM Phoenix (US), May 2014. Watch video at youtube
  • Kai Heitmann: A New Tool: ART-DECOR for CDA Templates and more. Recorded during the Medical Informatics Europe (MIE) conference in Istanbul (Turkey) during the HL7 Workshop on August 31, 2014. Link to video of the presentation by Kai Heitmann
  • Kai Heitmann: Using ART-DECOR to close the cycle of specification, testing and deployment. Recorded for the MEDINFO 2015 conference in São Paulo (Brazil) during the Workshop "eHealth standards development project - Tools for interoperability, time for eStandards?" on August 22, 2015. Link to video of the presentation by Kai Heitmann

Video Tutorials "how-to"

Video Tutorials Value Sets (VS)

  • VS0 Value Set Viewer: What’s in it
  • VS1 Creating an ABO Blood Group Value Set in Snomed CT
  • VS2 Using Value Sets in Template Definitions

Video Tutorials Templates (TM)

  • TM0 Template Viewer: What’s in it
  • TM1 Creating an HL7 CDA Section Level Template
  • TM2 Creating an HL7 CDA Entry Level Template
  • TM3 Creating an HL7 CDA Header Level Template
  • TM4 Using Template Repositories
  • TM5 Using Templates in Template Definitions
  • TM6 Template Lifecycle and Status Changes

Video Tutorials Datasets / Scenarios (DS)

  • DS0 Datasets, Scenarios and the viewer: What’s in it
  • DS1 Collecting Functional Requirements and Creating a Datasets
  • DS2 Creating a Sceanrio / Transaction