II.NL.BIG Instance Identifier - Flavor Dutch BIG

Datatype Release 1 Realm
II.NL.BIG Flag nl.svg NL

II Flavor .NL The Netherlands .BIG beroepen in de individuele gezondheidszorg (BIG) Nederland, fixed OID 2.16.528.1.1007.5.1

Registered Attributes and Child Elements

@Attribute / Element Cardinality Datatype
@root   optional   oid
@extension   optional   st
@assigningAuthorityName   optional   st
@displayable   optional   bl
@nullFlavor   optional   cs

Core Schematron Rules (CSR)

The following rules are defined in the base core schematrons (Alert.png errors, Warning.png warnings, Info.png infos).

Check-circle.svg Rule ID: II.NL.BIG

Extends Rule(s): II


  • Alert.png dtr1-1-II.NL.BIG: BIG-nummer @root MOET 2.16.528.1.1007.5.1 zijn indien niet null. Gevonden: "<value-of select="@root"/>"