EIVL_TS Event-related time interval

Datatype Release 1 Realm

Registered Attributes and Child Elements

@Attribute / Element Cardinality Datatype
@value   optional   ts
@nullFlavor   optional   cs
hl7:event  0 .. *  EIVL.event
hl7:offset  0 .. *  IVL_PQ

Core Schematron Rules (CSR)

The following rules are defined in the base core schematrons (Alert.png errors, Warning.png warnings, Info.png infos).

Check-circle.svg Rule ID: EIVL_TS

Extends Rule(s): SXCM_TS


  • Alert.png dtr1-1-EIVL_TS: required attributes
  • Alert.png dtr1-2-EIVL_TS: no updateMode on EIVL attributes
  • Alert.png dtr1-3-EIVL_TS: null violation
  • Alert.png dtr1-4-EIVL_TS: cannot have codeSystem
  • Alert.png dtr1-5-EIVL_TS: cannot have codeSystemName
  • Alert.png dtr1-6-EIVL_TS: cannot have codeSystemVersion
  • Alert.png dtr1-7-EIVL_TS: cannot have displayName
  • Alert.png dtr1-8-EIVL_TS: cannot have originalText
  • Alert.png dtr1-9-EIVL_TS: cannot have qualifier
  • Alert.png dtr1-10-EIVL_TS: cannot have translation
  • Alert.png dtr1-11-EIVL_TS: offset null violation. Cannot have @nullFlavor and @value or child elements, or the other way around
  • Alert.png dtr1-12-EIVL_TS: offset null violation. Cannot have @nullFlavor and @value on any child elements
  • Alert.png dtr1-13-EIVL_TS: offset co-occurence violation. Cannot have @value and other child elements, or missing @value and child elements with data, or center element with other elements, or width element with both low and high elements
  • Alert.png dtr1-14-EIVL_TS: no updateMode on IVL attributes
  • Alert.png dtr1-15-EIVL_TS: value in offset/low/@value shall have same precision as offset/high/@value
  • Alert.png dtr1-16-EIVL_TS: width element: no unit without value
  • Alert.png dtr1-17-EIVL_TS: width element: no translation